Claudia Viggiani, art historian, consultant and art reporter
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Claudia Viggiani

Essential beauty

Choosing how to lead my life has never been difficult for me.

The greatest good fortune of my life was being born in Rome, in this most beautiful of cities which in every second of its millennial existence offers to the discerning its exclusive value.

In Rome I grew up, studied, graduated from university, specialized and have spent my life working and living.

As a child I was all at once illuminated by a love of the beauty that fills almost the entire urban area of this incredible metropolis: its streets, squares, museums and archaeological sites, its libraries and theatres. For decades I have explored, discovered, studied, become familiar with, examined and loved it.

In Rome and elsewhere in the world I have been able to conduct my professional activities and meet a myriad of people who have helped me to grow, sometimes with difficulty, but always with enthusiasm and passion.

Life has given me the opportunity to become the woman I am and for this I thank those who are near me and who, with generosity, give me time from their lives.

I thank those who prize my work and who allow me to express myself freely

those who believe in beauty – that beauty which fills the space between the universe and me.
That beauty which has taught me to voyage within myself and in the world.

An “essential beauty”.

© Copyright 2015-2018 – Claudia Viggiani

English version by Steve Barley
Claudia Viggiani

For me beauty is light,
is the ability to see.

It has its origin in every one of us and is connected with our individual
predisposition and inclination
towards life.

We see what we are.

An art historian with post-graduate specialization from “la Sapienza University in Rome, I have a passion for the art history of my city.

I develop projects and act as Cultural consultant, writer and ghost-writer.

I have, from an early age,  loved travelling alone or in company, both in Italy and abroad, with a particular fondness for London and Japan.

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